Alex Gwyn

Android Developer

About me

I am a senior Android developer currently working at Twitter passionate about creating beautiful and enticing user experiences.

I have been working with Android for 10 years and in that time have worked on many projects, both personal and professional. I'm currently located in NYC.

This page shows off some of my work. If you have any questions or comments reach out to me at



Slider is a minimalist, material style puzzle game I created.

Slider was slowly in develpment for the past 4 years and went through many design revisions. It features over 260 levels and multiple game modes, including a timed mode to test your skills against the clock, and an infinite mode for endless solving fun.

Slide your way through colorful mazes


Oven Bits

LUSH is the second Android app to be created on top of the pivot e-commerce platform. LUSH is a quickly growing company that prides itself on its handmade cosmetics and care products. The app was inspired by their colorful products and dedication to their values.

The app was created by a team of 3 Android developers, including myself. It was rapidly developed on a tight schedule of only a few months. The app features many unique UI experiences, including parallaxing images, collapsing toolbars and various animations and scroll effects to provide a lively user experience.

The app opens up to a colorful selection of categories and products

Users can pick products based on certain scents

PVP Live

Jump Space Apps

I created the Android application to correspond with the PVP Live website.

PVP Live is an E-Sports news platform that publishes articles, scores and videos about the many popular games and teams. The Android app provides an easy way for users to access news and scores about their favorite games and teams, as well as keep up to date on matches that are currently ongoing.

The feed screen shows all of the latest articles and videos

Articles contain the latest news from E-Sports

Scores update as games happen and shows the winners of finished matches

The navigation drawer keeps track of all the users favorite games and teams


Oven Bits

Giggle is the first of many e-commerce applications from Oven Bits. I was the lead Android Developer on the project building up to its v1 launch. The app combines elements of content and commerce and creates a streamlined experience for brands to show off their products and the customers behind their brand.

The app had many interesting challenges,

  • Interactive activity transitions were a major part of the UX and I created a custom framework for handling transitions on pre-lollipop devices
  • The app had to work with large amounts of JSON data as well as securely and efficiently handle checkout and payment processing.
  • Navigation was decided on the server and had to be built out in the application.

Giggle supports interactive activity transitions even on pre-lollipop



Pixelator is an open source app I designed and built that allows users to pixelate sections of an image. The application was built to be modular and can support different types of filters and stylings.

Challenges in the app included,

  • Efficiently handling the manipulation of images without having to downscale the image.
  • Supporting real time updates of the preview as a blur effect is applied.
  • Supporting a stack of operations in order to undo changes.

Users select an image from their device and then touch and drag to selectively apply a blur effect

Images are blurred in realtime and users can change the size of the blur effect

Equation Solver


Equation solver is the first major project I created. The app allows users to solve single variable equations as well as repeatedly solve an equation for a certain variable.

Equation solver uses a brute-force algorithm to solve equations within a search space and is able to quickly parse very complex equations.

The app is fairly successful and has been installed over 200,000 times, helping many people solve single variable equations.

Equations with more than one variable are useful for repeatedly solving the same problem

Quick Action View


Quick action view is a library that allows you to create actions that pop up from a users finger when they long press on a view. The library is simple to use and was inspired by Pinterest.

You can find the library in use in the Lush app. It lets users quickly add products to their cart or wishlists without navigating to a detail screen.

View Exploder


View Exploder is a library that lets you explode apart arbitrary view hierarchies in 3d to understand how views interact in the z axis, or just for a cool visualization.

The library is also useful to see how views are drawn to the screen and can be used to easily identify drawing problems such as overdraw.

Views can be exploded and interacted with in 3d

Any view hierarchy can be exploded


Oven Bits

Treats is an app I designed and built to help distribute work in progress versions of apps from the Oven Bits build server. The app presents a clean UI that makes adding and staying up to date with apps as easy and intuitive as possible.

Chip Edit Text


Chip Edit Text is a library that makes it simple to create Edit Texts that support chips as shown in the material design guidelines.

The library uses a MultiAutocompleteTextView that adds chips to the textbox whenever an autocomplete option is selected.



Finansir was an app I created with a team at the 2014 Capital One Hackathon For Good. The focus of the hackathon was to help promote financial literacy to young adults just learning to handle their own money. We were given 48 hours to craft a solution.

Our solution to this problem was Finansir, an app that would link up to your bank account and in a very simple fashion display tips and progress for how users were managing their money. Our main goal was to allow users to see what is going on with their money without displaying charts or lists of numbers.

We placed 1st in the Hackathon which was judged by Steve Wozniak.

Cell Spell

Jump Space Apps

Cell spell is an app that allowed users to input a phone number and see various options in the way that the phone number could be represented as words. It featured animations and interactions that were uncommon when the app was created.

The app had the interesting challenge of enumerating words from phone numbers. The app had a local dictionary of words and used dynamic programming techniques to quickly enumerate over all the possibilities of words created by the phone number.

After all the words were enumerated a custom ranking algorithm was applied to sort the completed words based on how "sensible" they were. Fortunately the algorithm was fast enough to enumerate the many thousands of possibilities for a phone number in a fraction of a second.

What's Going Down

Jump Space Apps

What's Going Down is an app that was made to show events happening around the Dallas and SMU area. The app supported any type of locations and venues and social content.

All data was loaded from a back end in JSON, and could be updated with new events, locations and categories.

Unfortunately the app is no longer kept populated with events.

An overview of upcoming events in the Dallas area

Events are categorized into location and type

Details of events are shown along with tweets about the event